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What is Discord?  How to use it?

Discord is an application that is personally used by most of the users of game streaming platforms like Twitch. Discord is a voiceover IP and messaging program.

The user interface of Discord is a kind of a cross between Skype and Slack. It is available on web, mobile, and desktop application and is completely free for all the users.

All the frequent gamers should definitely try this platform and yes it will be worth your time and efforts.

Basically, this platform helps the players to communicate and have coordination through a private server that let them text and voice chat with other people.

So at Discord, every user gets the chance to create their own service and host channels that are private, password protected within those servers.

Discord is growing widely and has reached around 90 million registered users. For all those players who are looking out to find a community of a particular game like PUBG can find one through this platform. It is the best platform to hang out or to explore new people in the gaming world.

Looking out for a platform like this? So just keep reading and we will walk you through all that you need to know to start and be a part of Discord.

How to get started?

Like any other application, of course, you need to create a Discord account and once you are done with it, then comes a choice of whether to use it on the browser or install the Discord App.

We recommend using App for anyone who is aspiring to run a server as it gives you many more customization options that you may not find on the browser.

It is available on Windows and Mac computers. As mentioned above it is always best to use it with an app as browser version comes with some limitations.

It is also available for Android and IOS mobile devices some features of desktop won’t be present here like the screen-sharing but most of them that are required are present.

app discord

Once you have a discord account you can start by creating a server for yourself or participating in the already existing server. If you start your own server, you need to send invitation code so that people can join you or at the other side you may use others code to join them.

Creating a server is not a difficult task, you need to have a valid server name and nothing is needed to be installed for creating one.

There is no way through which a user can browse to find a server without the invitation code. But it will be very easy to find an active community.

There are also many servers with an open invitation that is verified and one can easily find them through a quick Google search.

It won’t be very difficult to find a server to follow as many popular streamers and some great content creator put up their public invitation code on their respective Twitch and YouTube channel.

So yes this was all that you need to know to get started with Discord, so start it today and to know more you can refer to our other articles on the same, you may even comment and engage with our expert you will solve all your queries. So gets started with Discord cause you know it all.